Monday, 28 November 2011

Piggables Finished!

Well, it's been a few weeks since I last blogged, and even though I said that would be expected, I'm still disappointed I didn't get more completed. NaNoWriMo has pretty much come to an end, and I didn't get more than a page worth of writing completed in this entire month. Unfortunately, life decided it was a wonderful time to catch up with me, and I was utterly swamped in family problems and stresses. I don't think I saw the end of it until last week, which I'm thankful for. It seems things are finally calming down for me, and with it, I'm falling back into my regular doings. I only hope the rest of 2011 will swing by calmly, and free of drama. I have a lot of Christmas stitching to do. :3

So, aside from that, I was unsuccessful in making time to stitch during IHSW, and it looks like December will have to be my official start. Maybe this time, I'll throw a mini party to get myself motivated. ;)

Haha, that isn't the point of this blog post today, so I won't bore you further with my pointless chatter. In fact, I happily get to display a completed project, which is hopefully the sign that I'll be stitching like a mad woman for the next while. (I blame Sonic for partially burning me out. I should know by now, I can't fit a project into a time limit.) As was seen in an earlier blog post, this is "We're All In This Together", a pattern from a Piggables book I found in a second hand store.

I still need to iron it, and properly scan it, but this project is now done and completed! I strongly regret using such a large count aida (I believe it is 11 or 12) as it made the end result quite large and most tedious for me, but my mom seems to like it, so I'm happy.

Along with that, I also have another completed stitch, though this one is considerably smaller:

I have no clue as to what it really is, since my friend and I stayed up until 4 in the morning searching for random game sprites that looked enjoyable to stitch up. This resulted in a pile of unnecessary future projects, but this one really called out to a friend of mine in Ireland. I made it as a Christmas present for her, and hope that she likes it. (I still need to mail it off though!)

That's all I had to update with, though I'm certain I'll have a few more projects to share in the next few days, so until then, keep on stitching! xoxo