Friday, 28 December 2012

Christmas Turkey

I've fallen behind in my blog updates-- as well as my Christmas stitching! No matter how hard I try, I always seem to lack in one category or the next. I finished the Turkey stitch exactly when I promised... But I definitely didn't update when I said I would! Better late than never, so have a turkey everyone while I attempt to catch up in my stitchings!!


Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Christmas (Crowned) Penguin

I'm feeling much better-- and I'm even able to cross stitch again! My lack of updates over the past two months have been very dismal, haven't they? The main problem was the fact that every time I picked up a needle, something would go wrong. From miscounting, to the aida ripping, to thread tearing, it was a disaster!! I eventually gave up trying for a while there, and when I tried once more in December, it kept happening! So I stopped once more... But with Christmas literally around the corner, I need to get moving!

Last night, after I worked on Christmas cards to my clients (had around 50 to do!) I felt very much like stitching, so I sat down, looked up some nice-- and tiny-- patterns to put on a card, and found this lovely Crowned Penguin. I managed to finish him with only one hitch-- the black thread broke after the 7th stitch, but after that it was smooooth sailing.

Isn't he so cute??

Can't wait to cut him out and paste him to some pretty paper. However, I'm going to make his Turkey comrade first-- for my mom! She's very proud of her turkey centerpieces, so I think she'll like this fellow quite a bit. Hopefully you'll get to see him tomorrow! xoxox

Crowned Penguin

Monday, 17 December 2012

December IHSW

I have a roaring headache, therefore don't feel all that chatty, so today's update will be short and sweet. (I'll elaborate more once I feel better.)

Have some Lady Gagas that I found on Dorkstitch! Not sure why the picture is so small but, I think you can still see them. White dress GaGa has sparkly thread for the criss crosses over her face.

As I promised, I'll elaborate more. I've been feeling fairly uninspired to stitch for the past while, and due to missy-tannenbaum's Sprite Patterns December, I've been itching to make a standee for my girlfriend. Sorting through all the amazing patterns was great, but it was difficult to choose something she'd like. I know how much she loves Lady Gaga, and I had been hesitating for a while about making them for her, but I decided, "I'll show her hairbow Gaga and see what she thinks".

Her reaction was quite pleasing, so I was more than eager to stitch all three up~ Originally I was going to make them into keychains: sew them to some material and stuff it with filling, buuut... Meat Dress Gaga suffered. It didn't work. They're so tiny!! Now I need to remake Meat dress Gaga, but the other two are still all right.

As for what to use them for, well, that's still undecided! xoxox

Meat Dress Lady GaGa
8-Bit Lady GaGa
Hair Bow Lady GaGa