Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween! (With a surprise inside!)

Hello to anyone who is reading this! A very Happy Halloween to all of you, and many wishes of treats and tricks a plenty! I apologize for my very late update; I came down with a very serious flu and couldn't type for the longest time. I'm still suffering from the effects, but am doing much better. I'll be back to my old self in no time!

As for the point of this blog post, I have a new cross stitch in which to present you. I finished this one last night, and despite how I shouldn't spend my nights working on new projects, I could not resist for the holiday.

Very generic, but cute nonetheless. I found the bat pattern here: Bat and I got the two different fonts from a wonderful pattern book a friend gave to me only a month past. I found it to be quite enjoyable to stitch up, and it's so cute.

And of course, I should update you on Sonic. Unfortunately, I couldn't finish by my brother's birthday, so I showed him my progress and he thinks it's pretty cool so far. This is a late WIP, as I got a tad more completed since then.

He's pretty large now, about the length of my forearm. Totally crazy. I have such small hands; I need to use a very small hoop, and that means having to constantly move it to work with the next area. I added in the white of his shoes, which isn't seen here.

Well, that's really all for my update. I have to sadly announce that there won't be any more updates for quite some time, as NaNoWriMo is fast approaching (tomorrow!) and I'll be preoccupied with my writing goals. I hope to participate in IHSW this month, so my blog will liven up then, but until that time, rest easy my friends. xoxo

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Sonic WIP (2)

Time for my second post! It's coming about a day later than I had wanted, but the end of the week was pretty tiring for me, so Saturday it shall be. I haven't had much time to work on Sonic unfortunately, and now the due date looms ever closer. The race begins to finish him by the end of 4 days!

I don't know if I can do it, especially without burning myself out, but I sure will try. I'm going to work hard all this weekend in the hopes of getting him near completed, so expect a nice shiny WIP of him by Monday. For now, here's my current progress as of today:

I know, I'm jumping a lot of colours, but I'm trying to reach his face so I can get his skin colours out of the way, and I really don't want to count it. (Just in case I miscount!) That's why I jumped to a spindly leg! xD

Not much else to say this time, hopefully I will be more chatty in a few days. Until then, keep on stitching. xoxox

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Piggables + Sonic WIP (Welcoming Post!)

To any who stumble upon this, welcome to my *new* blog! I've never really done this before, and my main reason for creating this is to join in on International Hermit And Stitch Weekend, which looks like great fun to participate in. (Not to mention, I could really use that sort of motivation!) Sadly, I missed this month's IHSW, but I certainly hope to join in on November's!

Well, now that you realize my motive for beginning this, I suppose I should use this blog 90% of the other time. I do enjoy taking WIPs of my projects and sharing them, but I hate cluttering my DeviantArt account with them. Sooo.... This is, in fact, perfect! Haha, without further ado, I shall share two of my latest projects with you.

This is obviously, not complete, but a rather cute piggy gathering WIP. It's titled "We're All In This Together", and I found it in a Cross Stitch Pattern Book called "Piggables". I'm rather fond of pigs, and the three here strongly remind me of myself, my mom, and my brother. I'm almost done it, just need to finish the last of the fence, add in the bead eyes, and add the text! I stitched this up over the weekend while watching a slew of horror movies. Great fun that was!

I apologize for the poor quality of this WIP, but no matter what angle/lighting I attempted, it just came out blurry. I presume that I need to work on it more for it to appear clearer. Anyhoo! You're probably wondering, "just WHAT is that?!" Well, I shall answer! It is the shoe of Sir Sonic, a birthday gift for my brother. I just started it last night, and only had about an hour to work on it. I realize it's hard to know what the image looks like, so here's a preview of the sprite I'm working from:

Pretty awesome eh? I'm sure he'll love it. Now... Just to finish it in 8 days!! Haha! Well, I'll have another update in a few days, so until then, take care, and don't stop stitching! xoxo