Wednesday, 26 September 2012

KH: 358/2 Days Start

I know I never updated for the last day of September's IHSW, but considering the fact all I did was fill in the second wing of Fairy Silhouette, I figured there was no point in updating! I did complete Fairy Silhouette (last Wednesday! I'm so horrible for not updating sooner!) but the batteries in my camera died RIGHT as I was taking a photo! So, unfortunately, there's no completed picture of it until I see Samara again. I will get a completed pic of it though-- promise!

I also made another hair clip for her, this time of Miltank! She loved all of the gifts I made for her, which makes me happy. Fairy Silhouette was a big hit with several people! And to make things even better, I got them all completed in time for her birthday! A big first after several years of late gifts! (I'm still sorry about that Sammy...) Here's to hoping Christmas goes just as well!

It looks a little too red, and a lot less pink, but it is supposed to be Hot Pink! Haha, silly cameras. Least the beads look as they should! ;)

Now to reveal the meaning of my title! Since Samara's birthday gifts were such a smash, I figured that I deserved a well-earned project for myself. I recently restarted the game Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days, and found that I utterly love the facial sprites of the Organization members. I looked for a sprite sheet (found here: KH: 358/2) and decided I wanted a slightly smaller project, so I chose the AI Battle Portraits.

Turns out it's not quite as small as I thought it would be. LOL!

I've been working very on and off since about Saturday, but I've gotten the first row started. I know Christmas is looming every nearer, with another birthday arriving in October and my swap gifts still waiting, so I'm focusing on the FUN colours. Once those are done, I won't want to touch this for months! ... I hope.

Augh! Why do I get myself into these predicaments?!

Either way, I told myself, once October hits, I'm not allowed to touch this until I get my swap gifts, October's birthday present, and at least one Christmas gift DONE. But I'm sure we all know I'll disregard that if I feel like it! Haha! I hope you enjoyed the update! Till next time, xoxox

KH: 358/2

Sunday, 16 September 2012

September IHSW (Day Two)

I actually managed to complete some stitching last night! I am very happy with my progress, and hope to get a little more done tonight. (But first, a quick Kingdom Hearts 2 break. c: ) I didn't feel like sitting at the computer, so I decided to get a little crafty. I made two barrettes for Samara, and I might make a few more. I wasn't too happy with one in particular, why I didn't work on the others, but looking at it with some sleep, it's pretty darn cute!

It was so hard cutting the felt straight, and then I didn't even sew on the picture straight! Augh! But aside from the slight loopsy to it, I think it's super adorable. I just took a Pokemon card (a spare one, don't worry! But why does it still feel like blasphemy?) and cut it up, then sewed it onto a piece of felt. Added some beads, and threw it onto a hair clip. I didn't want to use hot glue because I figured, constantly bending the cardboard to open and close the clip would wear the glue, making it fall apart. I had this happen with my Pokeball hair clips. They fell off!

I wasn't done sewing, so I took three satin stars, and sewed them together. I still need to glue them to the barrette, but it's basically done. It's just as cute in my opinion!

I also started on a new pattern. As I said, I wasn't near the computer, which holds 95% of my patterns, so I had to scrounge through my pattern books. Most of them are far too large, what with Christmas looming nearer, so I chose this small one. I found it at a thrift store for only 50 cents! Unfortunately, I can't find it on the internetz, so I can't show what it should look like. I didn't cross stitch for long last night-- I was pretty sleepy, so all I got done was one guinea pig's bottom.

So beautiful, is it not? But no more procrastinating. I have to get the Fairy Silhouette finished tonight, in time for Samara's birthday! More updates for you tomorrow, so until then, lots of stitches! xoxox

Friday, 14 September 2012

September IHSW (Day One)

It's been a while since I last updated; I'm so sorry! I haven't been stitching quite a whole lot these past few weeks, I've been focusing on writing and such. (As if I got much done in THAT category either.) The little stitching I did do so far this month, has been Sprite Stitch Swap related! It's my first, though I've been stalking the swaps for a few years now. I'm currently done one gift, and about halfway through the second.

That isn't the point of this though! It be a Hermit and Stitch Weekend, which means I should show my *scarce* updates! My friend, Samara's birthday is this Monday which means I need to get her fairy done soon! I haven't touched it since the last time, so that still leaves a wing and some glitter/snowflakes. I also want to try and make her something else, probably Pokemons related.

I do have an update for her Christmas gift, Slytherin Witch though! (It's a very small update, be warned. XD )

If you can't tell what's new, it's the green hair! I told ya it wasn't much of an improvement, haha!

I also started a new project. It's a Link profile from Card Gallery:

I adore the Link AND Cloud profiles, but I was more drawn towards the greens, so I started Link first. Unfortunately, a day after I started was when I received my swap partner. Oh my!

I've no idea why the picture isn't coming out clear! Silly Blogger. Well, those are the only updates I can show you at the moment (my swap gifts need to wait ;A; ) but I hope to get a lot done this weekend, so here's to plenty of hermiting and stitching! (Couldn't have come at a better time. I am feeling SO anti-social at the moment. A little break from society will be nice. c: )

Till tomorrow! xoxox