Wednesday, 26 September 2012

KH: 358/2 Days Start

I know I never updated for the last day of September's IHSW, but considering the fact all I did was fill in the second wing of Fairy Silhouette, I figured there was no point in updating! I did complete Fairy Silhouette (last Wednesday! I'm so horrible for not updating sooner!) but the batteries in my camera died RIGHT as I was taking a photo! So, unfortunately, there's no completed picture of it until I see Samara again. I will get a completed pic of it though-- promise!

I also made another hair clip for her, this time of Miltank! She loved all of the gifts I made for her, which makes me happy. Fairy Silhouette was a big hit with several people! And to make things even better, I got them all completed in time for her birthday! A big first after several years of late gifts! (I'm still sorry about that Sammy...) Here's to hoping Christmas goes just as well!

It looks a little too red, and a lot less pink, but it is supposed to be Hot Pink! Haha, silly cameras. Least the beads look as they should! ;)

Now to reveal the meaning of my title! Since Samara's birthday gifts were such a smash, I figured that I deserved a well-earned project for myself. I recently restarted the game Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days, and found that I utterly love the facial sprites of the Organization members. I looked for a sprite sheet (found here: KH: 358/2) and decided I wanted a slightly smaller project, so I chose the AI Battle Portraits.

Turns out it's not quite as small as I thought it would be. LOL!

I've been working very on and off since about Saturday, but I've gotten the first row started. I know Christmas is looming every nearer, with another birthday arriving in October and my swap gifts still waiting, so I'm focusing on the FUN colours. Once those are done, I won't want to touch this for months! ... I hope.

Augh! Why do I get myself into these predicaments?!

Either way, I told myself, once October hits, I'm not allowed to touch this until I get my swap gifts, October's birthday present, and at least one Christmas gift DONE. But I'm sure we all know I'll disregard that if I feel like it! Haha! I hope you enjoyed the update! Till next time, xoxox

KH: 358/2


  1. Lovely start :D
    Can't wait to see more of it :)

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