Tuesday, 2 October 2012

KH: 358/2 Days Update

This will be a short update tonight. It is now October, which means no more progress on my 358/2 project, but it also means I can start on a Halloween stitch-- so long as I finish my more important objectives first! I'm  a little sad I have to put this away until after Christmas since I've been really enjoying working on it. Granted, the black/grey was becoming a little tedious, but it's just looking so great thus far! Because of the tediousness, my progress was very stop go, stop go, so I didn't get nearly as far as I would have liked to.

On the bottom row, I missed count for two of the black outlines, which means I need to pull out the threads and redo them! Least I caught the mistake by the third one, or the entire row would be off! Even looking at this now, I want to get started on it, but I have so many more important stitches I need to finish. Such a shame; haven't had this much passion for a particular project in a long while! xoxox

KH: 358/2 Days

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  1. Interesting.... I'm wondering why I'm not showing up on your follower gadget and your blog is now showing up on my reading list.... hrmmm. No matter... I've manually added you in. :D

    All your stitching looks great. I'm looking forward to seeing your Halloween stitches. :)