Friday, 19 October 2012

October IHSW (Day One)

Time to update for October's IHSW! Haven't updated since earlier this month, but... There isn't really anything to show. Stitching has been very slow going as of late. I just can't get into it... More than likely, this is because I have so much to stitch, I'm beginning to feel overwhelmed. But I can't quit! I have a swap gift to deliver, and a birthday next week!! Ahhh!

I found a super cool cross stitch kit at the Dollar Store today. It's a Brass bookmark, and you cross stitch directly on it! I don't know how good the quality is, since DS standards are fairly low, but I think it's totally awesome!

Or... Looking up a picture to show you, apparently it sells for more than a $1! XD Well, that reassures me of the quality then. (And saves me having to use my camera. ;) )

Hummingbird Bookmark Kit

I'm not going to use the pattern that came with it, but rather something a little more... Appealing to my tastes. I can't do it this weekend, but I am VERY excited!

Aside from that snazzy little buy, I did do a handful of stitching over the week. I can't show any previews of my swap gift, but I can show you the progress on my brother's gift.

What is that you ask? Well, it's Master Chief from Halo! Not very complete buuut... It's getting there! After the fire, where we were living, one of our roommates had a Xbox 360 and Halo 3, and he became totally addicted to it. A few weeks ago, his friend came over for a sleep over, and they stayed up all night talking about Halo. I think this is a very suitable gift! c: (He's turning 10, by the way.)

That's all for now, but my goal is to finish his gift AND the rest of my swap gifts! I need to get these things done, and when's a better time than IHSW?! ... That's what I thought. Till tomorrow, xoxox