Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Valentine's 2012

Well, I was keeping up with my Valentine's gifts in February, with only the large gift needing a few colours when the fire hit, so I didn't get it done until around April! I worked on a total of four projects: 3 of which were simple pokechat hearts, and 1 of an Abysswolf sprite.

I'll start with the Poke hearts, which were fun to make and didn't take long at all! I still haven't given them out to my friends, as I've been trying to gather up ALL the gifts I owe to them before mailing them out. (Two need to go all the way to Ireland!) So, I can't tell you if they liked them or not!!

I accidentally kept using the wrong reds for all three of them, so each one is unique! x3

Next up is the sprite, which was of Genis from Tales of Symphonia! It was around 22 colours, which is probably the most colours I've ever worked with in a single project. It was a lot of work, but I'm super proud of how it turned out. I don't know if I'll be able to give it away! </3

I managed to take quite a few WIPs of my progress, but I lost my camera when everything got packed up, so it jumps from partially done to COMPLETED. I wish I had been able to WIP shot throughout the whole process.

I used sparkly DMC for the white in his hair and clothing, which looks great, though if I ever remake him (probably will. I want my own ToS set!) I'll go with good ole regular white.

That's all that I worked on for Valentine's Day, so that's all for tonight. Tomorrow, expect a new set of WIPs, though it's going to be difficult to choose which project I should show first! So many! (I think there's about 20. :O ) Till then, many happy stitchings! xoxox

PokeChat Sprites
Genis Sprite #194

Friday, 27 July 2012

Long Over-Due Return!

Hello everyone! Even if you don't remember me, or why you were following this blog, I hope in the next few weeks I create new memories/reasons for you!

To begin with, I want to apologize for my long absence (it's been about, 7-8 months since my last blog?) and explain a little of what happened to me this year. Very big, not-so-exciting, life changing events happened. Let's start with Christmas. I was going strong, had plenty of ambitious projects, then poof! I was gone. Well, unfortunately for me, I came down with a really bad flu halfway through December, which elevated into an ear infection and even the loss of my voice! Needless to say, I didn't get my gifts done, and Christmas was pretty miserable.

January was spent procrastinating, and though I started up cross stitching in February, on the 29th, a fire occurred in the building I lived in. There were 52 units in that building-- thankfully only 4 of them burned up. (Though I do feel sorry for those 4.) The rest suffered severe water damage. (Over 1, 500 gallons of water per minute!) No one was hurt, though a few animals were found dead, including one of my own, who drowned in his cage.

The building was classified uninhabitable, and everyone was forced to pack up what little was intact, and move. Everyone was given lodgings for 3 days on the 29th, and after that, was a 2 week wait until we heard what state the building was in. Of course, we were all told we only had a few days to move out. Hard hats, reflector vests, and even safety masks were needed when going inside. It was horrible, and so stressful. I personally lived in my apartment for 9 years, so I was literally packing up my life.

A friend graciously took me in for the next four months, and though I had access to internet and some of my cross stitching supplies, I was just too plain stressed to want to stitch. Not to mention, a good portion of my belongings were in storage!

The good news finally came in June, when I found a place that I could afford, and was in the right location. Some might call it silly, but I'm now in a townhouse directly behind the building I previously lived in! I think it's a great reminder to show how far I've come since the fire, and I really do love this complex. The cause of the fire was undetermined-- some say it had to do with the laundry room, others with a lady who had been evicted, was a heavy drug user, and had a known record of property damage. Either way, after all that had happened, I feel much stronger for the wear, and I learned a lot. It really feels like a whole new beginning. (And don't worry, this complex has been around for over 30 years, and this was the first fire ever! I'm not worried about another one happening anytime soon. :3)

Of course, unfortunately for me, it took a whole month to get internet/cable hooked up, so I'm only able now to start blogging again! But during that time, after settling into my brand new place, I stitched a lot, and I can't wait to share with you all my new projects!

Now that my sob story is all over with, I suppose I should start with my Christmas WIPs. Only makes sense, right? I have a lot to blog about, so be ready to be busy for the next few days!

Let's start with a surprise gift for my friend, which was inspired by that popular meme "Took An Arrow To The Knee", which she really adored at the time.

I played around with some fonts, and I really like the outcome, and as an added bonus: the capped words "Arrow" and "Knee" are glow-in-the-dark! She really liked it, and even her dad got a kick out of it.

Next update shall be the Vampire Knight scarf I was working on. It still isn't done, but here's a nice WIP to catch all of you up on:

After awhile, I found I was losing count as I worked from the center out, so I opted for working on the border, as you can see. It looks funny, but it saved my sanity, and probably the project. Every time I go to work on it, I always have the wrong amount of threads, so I need to undo my stitches to add the right amount, but then I'm too annoyed so I put it aside to work on something else. I'm sorry!

Another Christmas gift I had been working on for multiple people had been those Pokeball barrettes. I successfully completed them all, but unfortunately, did not take any photos of the completed job! I still have two lying around as I didn't mail them out, so once I find them, I'll be sure to take a proper picture before they get sent off in that envelope. Let me just say, that they're so cute, and look wonderful! Well received by all. :3

Next, is a gift for a friend in Ireland. She really likes owls, just as I do, so I thought a Noctowl would be most fitting!! I didn't start this one in December, but rather in March/April. It didn't go well, as I said, due to the stress, though I did get at least half of it completed. Hope she doesn't mind how late her gift is!!

Lastly! (I know, that sure is a lot, isn't?!) Are some various Pokemons I was stitching up for everyone. I found out their faves, and got the sprites off of Bulbapedia. Nice and tiny, they are. I finished 3/5: Pikachu for my mom, Bellsprout for a friend, and Espeon for my brother. Just need a Charizard and a Dragonite!

I know I was planning on making Reindeer ornaments for our tree, but I haven't touched the first one since the last update, so there isn't much to share about those. I'll probably pick them back up in the fall when we all feel Christmas coming near. That's all for today, but I'll be back tomorrow with some Valentine's stitchy projects! (This time, all of them complete! :O) xoxo