Monday, 17 December 2012

December IHSW

I have a roaring headache, therefore don't feel all that chatty, so today's update will be short and sweet. (I'll elaborate more once I feel better.)

Have some Lady Gagas that I found on Dorkstitch! Not sure why the picture is so small but, I think you can still see them. White dress GaGa has sparkly thread for the criss crosses over her face.

As I promised, I'll elaborate more. I've been feeling fairly uninspired to stitch for the past while, and due to missy-tannenbaum's Sprite Patterns December, I've been itching to make a standee for my girlfriend. Sorting through all the amazing patterns was great, but it was difficult to choose something she'd like. I know how much she loves Lady Gaga, and I had been hesitating for a while about making them for her, but I decided, "I'll show her hairbow Gaga and see what she thinks".

Her reaction was quite pleasing, so I was more than eager to stitch all three up~ Originally I was going to make them into keychains: sew them to some material and stuff it with filling, buuut... Meat Dress Gaga suffered. It didn't work. They're so tiny!! Now I need to remake Meat dress Gaga, but the other two are still all right.

As for what to use them for, well, that's still undecided! xoxox

Meat Dress Lady GaGa
8-Bit Lady GaGa
Hair Bow Lady GaGa


  1. Oh, it's all the Gagas lined up! They look so nicely stitched, and I love the border at top! Thank you for making them! ^^

    1. Aww, it was no problem. Thank you for making and sharing them! :>

  2. Lol, those are so fun and cute! Feel better soon!

  3. Lady Gaga stitches? I have to say that's a first for me (in seeing). ;)

    1. Haha, I'm sure there's a little bit of everything out there! ;D