Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Reindeer Ornament #1 + Grell Complete!

My long weekend wasn't quite as fruitless as I had first suspected it to be, as I managed to complete some stitching. I started on the first of my ornament set that I have planned to make for this year's tree, completed the Grell standee (well, just the stitching part. I still need to cut him out and add a felt backing!), and I even attempted at some xxxHolic embroidery that I've been craving to do. Overall, I'm pretty happy with the fact that I was only lazy 2/4 days of my weekend!

First up, I'll share with you my WIP of the ornament. I started it pretty late in the day, and with my allergies bothering me greatly and the fact I had to get up at 5 AM pressing heavily, I only managed to complete the green border and holly, with white beads to replace the french knots I lack the knowledge of making.

Next comes Grell, whom I finished last night. The backstitching was rather hard to do, for some unknown reason, which leaves me unimpressed with the end result. He's much smaller than I had first expected him to be, and so very cute, that I want one for myself! Maybe after Christmas I'll allow myself. The flash on my camera slightly distorted his colours, which saddens me, so I'll have to make sure to upload a scanned version some time before the new year!

I'm much too shy to share a WIP of my embroidery of xxxHolic at the moment, but hopefully if the project continues to move along smoothly, I'll feel braver towards sharing the progress! I'm in a very big "let's get things done!" mood, so this will either profit my stitching, or hinder it. We'll just have to wait and see in a few days! Until then, keep up with your Christmas stitchings! xoxo


  1. Great start on the Christmas ornie, and nice vibrant colors in Grell.

    I think you should share your WIP... seeing it on display once will make it easier to share the next time. I bet it looks great. :)