Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Cell Phone Pouches + Pokemon Case

Happy New Year to everyone who reads this! I'm very excited for a fresh start, and I hope this year is more successful than the last!

Well, I have some nice updates for you. First up will be my first attempt at sewing a pouch for a cell phone! My girlfriend tends to put her phone in her back pocket, and she always ends up butt dialing! It's funny at first, but a while back she butt dialed 911, and a police officer showed up at her house to make sure she wasn't missing, or she would've been reported missing! Because of this, I've lectured her on putting it in her back pocket, and offered to make a case for it.

It's not a very good first attempt. I made it a bit too tight, so my Ipod barely fits in it, and you can see all the stitches on the side! I hot glued the Lady Gagas onto, and the fabric is from a pair of pjs that shrunk after one too many washes! The inside is lined with mint green felt. <3

My second attempt went MUCH better:

Hello Kitty print this time round (once again, another pair of pjs that shrank) with white felt! It's a little too wide for my ipod, so I added a strap to keep her phone/ipod inside it. It's so soft, and you can't see any of the stitches. Unfortunately, one corner sticks out further than the other one! I tried to fix it, but I only managed to make it look slightly better.

I also have some cross stitchy updates! I've been working on a pencil case for her for the past few days, and this is the progress of side one:

There's the girl trainer from Johto, with 5 of her favourite pokemons: Dratini (complete), Shuckle, Psyduck, Snorlax, and Bellsprout! I didn't have room for pokemon number 6, so I'll be adding it to the back side, maybe with her name.

Hopefully I'll have another update for you in the next few days! xoxo


  1. Great job on the cell phone case, I really like the strap you added on too :-) You've done some fabulous work! Happy New Year!

  2. o my, imagine the luck it would take to butt dial 911! I think a case is a very good idea for her and I love how you upcycled old PJs for them!

    Your pencil case looks to be awesome and I hope you have a Happy New Year! :D

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