Wednesday, 16 January 2013

January TUSAL

Augh, I haven't been stitching a whole lot as of late-- but I've noticed it's the same with most of the stitchers I'm following. I suppose it's just the January atmosphere? Either way, a new moon has come, and so it's time to update my TUSAL!

(My piddly ORTs. ;3; )

Can you see the piddly amounts that I have left behind? :D Originally, there was only the long yellow strand, but I did a little stitching last night (to redeem myself) and managed to add some black orts! I finally found a jar too! Hurray~ It's a teddy bear, from... A Peanut Butter company...? I think. It's pretty old. (In my 20 year old eyes. XD) I'm hoping that I will fill it this year. I have to get LOTS and LOTS of stitching completed!

Not only that, but I do have a little wip for you.

(Left to Right: Sailor Moon; Yuki Cross)

I'm currently working on some standees from Missy-Tannenbaum's site. I have a whole bunch of her patterns saved and ready to go, but with the end of January looming ever nearer, and the realization that a Christmas present is supposed to be handed out in December, not mid-spring, I don't know how many I'll complete. A lot of the larger projects I started for my girlfriend will not be completed for her stocking, but that's all right.

She keeps starting new projects for my gift, and is just as deep in the hole. I think our "Christmas Stocking Exchange" is going to turn into a full year event. Now we're just racing to get as much done NOW as we can. I'd like a handful of standees, finish the Pokemon Badges I started, and get that Pokemon Pencil case finished; at the very least.

This weekend is IHSW, so here's my chance to get a lot completed! Hopefully I will have another update for you around Friday, so till then~!

xoxox QueenPetra

Yuki Cross
Sailor Moon

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