Friday, 17 August 2012

August TUSAL + IHSW (Day One)

Yay! I finally get to participate in the TUSAL/IHSW for this year! It's been far too long, so I won't diddle daddle in getting straight to the point!

First off will be my ORTs. I did have a jar (and a pre-existing bag) but both were lost in the apartment fire. The bag + its collection smelt too much of fire smoke, and the jar... Well, I have no idea WHAT happened to it. Because everything was in the storage unit, mixed in with the fact I wasn't stitching much AND I kept forgetting I needed a new jar, I've been using a plastic sandwich bag (again.).

I don't know why I have a DMC cover in there ( XD) and I threw in some plastic canvas from a Deathly Hallows cellphone charm I made a few weeks ago. Mainly, there are a lot of greens and blacks. Plastic bags aren't so good at layering your ORTs, as they all just pile in whichever way they prefer. More personality I suppose!

Now, IHSW starts this weekend, which I am totally stoked about! I've been in a huge cross stitchy mood as of late, so this gives me a great excuse to literally whittle away the hours with my needle and aida! I'm going to start off this IHSW with a current WIP of a project I started on Tuesday.

It's a fairy silhouette-- a Winter one to be exact, and all that is left on her is her wings and some snowflakes/sparkles. (Not really sure what they are. XD) I'm going to make those glow-in-the-dark, so hopefully it'll look REALLY nice once I reach the end result.

It's for a friend whose birthday is in September. I wanted a head start so I'm not racing within a week's deadline, only to not finish it. I'm VERY happy I chose to do it this way; it's nearly done, and I still have several weeks till her birthday!! Yay! (Now if I can behave and work like this for Christmas!)

I'll post an update tomorrow for ISHW, and if it isn't the fairy, it might be Bulbasaurs! (I'm in a Bulbasaur mood.) Till then, xoxoxo

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