Monday, 27 August 2012

Slytherin Witch Update II

I wanted to update last week, but unfortunately the temperatures around here dropped drastically and I caught a head cold! It's now so cool in the mornings I've been wearing a scarf and toque while delivering papers. I didn't mean to complain about the heat, but I sure do want it back! XD

I'm still not feeling the greatest, but August is nearly over, and it's been 7 days since my last update, so I'm going to force myself to focus and get this done! As stated above, I have an update for the Slytherin Witch!

I finished the rest of the hat (aside from the colour I need to hunt down!) and you can already see the head starting to form. The green belt took forever to complete, for reasons unknown, which is causing me to dread the rest of the green in the pattern! I hope it was just one of those days.

After I reached the end of the hat, I took a break and decide I wanted to try my hand at making a Bicornu. I wanted a simple, easy pattern to begin with and decided I'd turn it into a Christmas present for my Aunt. Unfortunately, it's amazingly difficult to find buttons here in Kamloops, so it's been put to a standstill for the time being. I don't want to finish the stitching, or else I'll want to complete it entirely, but I need buttons to do that! Augh! XD

It was going really fast, and really well, up until my dreams of buying buttons was crushed. ;A; Since then, I haven't bothered with it. (I'm horrible, I know! How do I ever get things done?!)

Recently, a friend bought me a pattern that I've been eyeing for a while now. It's Once Upon A Time by Passione Ricamo, and I am so excited to work on it! I still need to get some fabric to work with, but once I have that, I don't think anything will be holding me back!

That's all for now, so happy stitching! xoxox

Red Biscornu

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