Monday, 13 August 2012

Final Fantasy VII Logo

Small update today, which is a simple, tiny emblem from FF VII! It's the first project I worked on after moving into the new place, and it only took me an hour or two. It's cute, was great fun to work on, and I had another excuse to work with my brown aida! I think it looks great on the brown.

My younger brother saw it and instantly asked if he could have it; I'm still considering that request! Till next time xoxox


  1. so cute! I would ask if you could make one of the FFVIII logo, but I'm sure it would be really hard to make

    1. Ah, I'm sorry! I wasn't the one who made the pattern. I'm so scatter brained while writing my blog posts; I often forget to leave links, and obviously, who made the pattern!

      It was made by Gatchastitch, and her page of free patterns are here:

      It would be wonderful if she made more of the FF logos, wouldn't it? So cute and tiny!